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Marion was brought up on a dairy farm in the Eastern Bay of Plenty. Always an outdoor girl, she thought herself tomboyish until her father corrected her. “Not tomboyish. Daring.” Her siblings called her Muttley. You may remember the main character Dick Dastardly and his dog Muttley in the TV series Wacky Races. Dick had famous sayings like ‘Drat, drat and double drat’ and the catchphrase ‘Muttley, do something!’. That may have been Marion’s situation - do something - as she was always a bit of a rebel and the eldest girl. Or maybe it was her laugh!

Marion Day never had any inclination to write or even scribble down words when she was young. With busy Dutch immigrant parents, she doesn’t recall books around the house until her first job in a bookshop at sixteen. It was there they took on any real form. She enjoyed bookselling tremendously, and completed a year’s bookseller’s course.

The next closest thing to writing came when a palmist read her palm: “You will be a well-known author by 29.” That didn’t happen! Marion was far too busy snatching everything life offered in case it passed her by. She was New Zealand’s second woman microlight pilot and she featured in National TV programme The Maggie Barry Gardening Show with her NZ Open Herb Garden. Twenty-five years later, she took a breather. At her father’s insistence, and without any writing experience, she compiled his autobiography.

Three years on, on a frosty winter’s morning, Marion woke and told her partner she was going to become a famous writer. He laughed. After all, she was a cattle and pig farmer!

But the dream had begun. The bug caught.

For the next two years, between hectic farm work, Marion Day taught herself to write. Then in 2010 a huge life change was made to come and live in the beautiful Marlborough Sounds. Here she began full-time writing.

Short Bio:

Marion Day has won adult and children’s short story competitions, including being shortlisted in the 2011 Storylines Joy Cowley Text Awards. She has children’s and adult’s stories in anthologies. One of her pre-teen stories has been included in the ESA’s New Zealand textbook for secondary school students - Level 1 Literacy Learning Workbook. Another success was as winner of the National Rural Women’s/Ministry of Primary Industry’s short story and photographic competition, which saw her in Parliament to accept her award. Marion has recently had prose accepted for Bird Words to be published by Penguin/RandomHouse October 2017.

2018: Marion was shortlisted in the Page and Blackmore National Short Story Competition. Liberated was accepted for Poem in the Window, she also won the Page and Blackmore Poetry competition. Marion was 'Highly commended' for her children's books in the Enterprising Rural Women New Zealand Awards - this award showcases the talent and business skills of women living and working in rural communities, and how they can run very successful rural enterprises.

Marion’s year has been busy. Kōwhai Kids, her new children’s nature series picture book is due 2019. She’s also writing Passion - Living, Feasting and Writing in the Deep Marlborough Sounds. A large book including photographic plates, nature, recipes, hunter-gatherer, community, short story, poetry and diary entries.

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Latest News:

Marion has been enrolled at the National Office of Rural Women New Zealand as a Branch Member of Honour - a honour conferred on her by the Kenepuru Branch in consideration of long and outstanding service to Rural Women New Zealand. 16/07/2019

Marion’s entry in the TIMELESS WISDOM INTERNATIONAL WRITING CHALLENGE 2018 has been accepted for publication in the Love and Loss section.This competition brings together writers aged 60 and over from around the world, with a focus on non-fiction short stories which share some of the wisdom that can only be acquired through age. It will be published in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand by Emotional Inheritance, an imprint of Exisle Publishing (NZ).

If you missed watching National TV Programme Country Calendar (Nov) that included a sneak peak of Marion’s books as part of Katy and Jason’s (son) sheep milking operation in Taupo, watch here:

Marion is a member of:

  • New Zealand Society of Authors (NZSA)
  • Storylines
  • Rural Women New Zealand
  • NZSA Top of the South
  • Writers of Marlborough
  • Writers in Schools Programme